Play Series – Alu Boom

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Enjoy your first Windsurfing ride…

The PLAY Boom series is our entry level all-round boom proposal for those approaching first Windsurfing experiences.

Stable quick lock front compatible on both RDM and SDM masts with a slim diameter grip also suited for riders with smaller hands.

The double pin lock system provides a very stiff and firm connection between the boom body and tail-end, even when extended in full length.


Technical Features

DOUBLE PIN LOCK The double pin lock system guarantees a wide distribution load and a stiff connection between the boom body and tail end, even when maximally extended. RDM SHIM The integrated shim for RDM masts secure a tight and firm fit on both RDM and SDM masts. THE BOOM HEAD Designed for maximum grip and tight-lock to the mast with a high friction contact surface. The boom will stay in place even during hard landings and thanks to the robust rope hook will ensure stability and a boom lever that allows you to effortless apply tension when trimming the boom to its correct position. BOOM OUTLINE The outline and width of the boom deliver the balance between power and control. The outline on the shorter booms are designed to be closer to the rig for control for specific bump&jump sailing. The 180 booms wider outlines are more suited for freeride sails for speed control and max air flow efficiency. A wider tail generates more power while a narrower tail provides high control. This positions varies with the wind strength and individual windsurfing disciplines, for this reason, each boom size is individually designed and developed.

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