RDM and SDM Aluminium Extensions

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he Cesare Cantagalli i99 ALU Extensions are built with T8 aluminium tube, with increased wall thickness up to 3.8 mm for the heavy duty durability, secure connection and ease of operation.

Fitted with a stainless steel cleat/pulley offering the best weight to stiffness ratio and creating very light weight as well as being very durable and load resistant.

Quick-lock release. Designed for maximum longevity.

Available in RDM and SDM diameter > sizes 32 cm and 48 cm


Technical Features

UNIVERSAL QUICK-LOCK PIN RELEASE SYSTEM Secure connection between board and rig and quick release with a press of a bottom. STAINLESS ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM Quick and easy to adjust, user friendly operation in all temperatures and fail safe construction. STAINLESS STEEL PULLEY SYSTEM Heavy duty load carrying stainless caste structure, which transfers the load directly from the pulleys onto the extension tube without relying on any plastic components. Stainless pulleys for less friction and greater durability. 2 rollers on the RDM extensions and 3 rollers on the SDM extension. All the Cesare Cantagalli i99 Extensions comes standard with Dynema rope included for a reduced friction and a increased longevity.

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