In 2018 we introduced the Revo, which combines the use of our proven fast WCSL scoop-rocker lines in all models combined with a host of new features that enables the rider to experience the thrill of true slalom speed, whilst being in complete control and comfort.

We mantained only one contruction layup and a new graphic to be on top of the category!

If you are in the hunt for a board that delivers high-end slalom type performance, whilst remaining calm and stable on the water, and furthermore executing gybes and maneauvers effortlessly, then the Revo is your choice!


  • High-precision 5-axis CAD/CAM CNC shape.
  • Full T700 biax carbon lightweight deck lamination layup for max. compression strength, performance and structural stability.
  • 80 kg/m3 PVC full deck and bottom sandwich for a lightweight yet stiff construction.
  • Double PVC sandwich under the heels and gybe area for sustained durability and strength.
  • Additional high-strength reinforcements in all foot heel and high load areas (mast track, fin box, footstrap inserts).
  • Foil Proof tuttle box with biax Carbon reinforcements on the tail area.

Technical Features

  • Bottom shape : The nose starts at with no vee to sit the board square in the water maximising the planing surface at low speeds, which quickly transitions into a significant vee planform with a very deep double concave under the mast track area. This helps hydrodynamically channel the water towards the tail of the board before planing and aerodynamically channels the air of the board after planing. Towards the tail the strong vee quickly transitions into an inverted vee shape between the feet, this keeps the outside rail line in the ‘water power zone’ straighter than a normal vee board, which we found drastically increases the control and side-to-side stability at speed. Feeling is believing!
  • ‘UltraTuck’ rail design concept : During the development process the more tuck we tested, the better the boards performed, in particular with incredibly easy gybing and overall comfort especially in choppy conditions. So the final designs incorporated almost as much bottom rail tuck as the 5-axis machine would comfortably shape. Whilst the top rail shape is a gentle sloping dome that is very comfortable to step anywhere on the upper deck whether during planing or non-planing conditions.
  • ‘Freerace Vector Cuts’ : Tail cutouts are here to stay in all future windsurfing at water board designs regardless of category. The overall performance gain is unmistakable not only with basic points like less spinouts, but they help initiate the required release around the fin to get planing earlier and accelerate effortlessly. Once planing the cutouts significantly reduce the amount of back leg pressure that always increases with speed. The Revo tail cutouts have a similar design style to the Performa freeride models, but with more release and built in acceleration/speed, whilst at the same time still having enough grip and low-end power to accommodate the competitive freerace market. The inside cutouts end parallel to the front of the fin box and the performance critical ‘ fin plate’ zone next to the fin is reduced in area compared to the Performa, resulting in higher speeds. Additionally the entire cutout system is single level at 10mm deep, which is the ideal compromise compared to our double level full on racing World Cup slalom style cut outs concept.
  • ‘Foil Proof’ fin box (on all models): Our exclusive layup foil box is as strong as it gets whilst still being lightweight. You can feel confident to put any foil in any wind into all models of our Revo.
  • Construction: A PVC double sandwich, with double thickness in the most stressed areas combined with Carbon/ innegra and Biax carbon full deck layup giving the boards the best result in terms of flex, light weight, strength and durability. Glass bottom with Carbon reinforcements on the tail area for max strength and stiffness on the foil-box area.

Additional Info

Product Specification

Length / Width
Weight +/- 6%
Fin Type
Box Type
Fins Rec. Not included
Sail Range
Deep Tuttle Box / FOIL PROOF
MFC Race G-10 46
Deep Tuttle Box / FOIL PROOF
MFC Race G-10 44
Short Tuttle Box
MFC Race G-10 40

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